Air Duct, Chimney And Dryer Vent Appointment Information:

Air Duct Cleaning Appointment Tips

Dirty and unchanged air filters prevent air ducts from doing their jobs. Change your air filters regularly once a month or four times a year.

Prevent dust from getting into the HVAC ducts during repair works. Close the registers in the rooms where the repairs take place rightly. You can also cover them with plastic sheets and tape the sides so that the seal is perfect. Remember that you should not stop your HVAC system from running during the project. In fact, it is best to keep the registers in all areas where there are no repairs fully open.

As a courtesy, we send triennial reminders for services and confirm all appointments by phone 24 hours in advance.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Appointment Tips

Clean the lint screen/filter with each load of clothes. If your clothing takes an unusually long time to dry, it may be due to blocked venting.

Replace the foil, accordion ducting material with a rigid or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct (Do you even know what you have on your dryer?).

Take care when laundering and drying clothes that have combustibles on them including cleaning products, oils (including motor and cooking), and gasoline. Dry on the lowest setting.

Chimney Cleaning Appointment Tips

Spring and Summer are the best times for non-emergency repair and preventive maintenance.

From October through January, Heat & Sweep Chimney and Fireplaces appointment calendar can be booked  up to one month in advance – making an “off-peak” appointment is your best option.

As a courtesy, we send annual reminders for services and confirm all appointments by phone 24 hours in advance.

Before Your Chimney Appointment

24 Hours before your appointment, remember to stop using your fireplace, wood stove, or gas stove. For safety reasons we need to work with an appliance that is completely cool. As a courtesy, please remove all ash from the firebox.

The Day Of Your Appointment

Remove fragile or precious items from the area near the air retisters and returns. For fireplaces we need about 5 to 6 ft around the fireplace to be clear to get our equipment in place.

Watch us work if you’d like. Customers learn a great deal about air ducts, chimneys and dryer vent safety from watching us work so we encourage it.

Payment Option

Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, Cash and Checks.

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