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ANIMAL SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY! We always provide humane bird removal in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Results 100% Guaranteed. Get your same day service today. Call us now! at 240-780-7174

We are dedicated to continuously improve animal care standards in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We proactively take all necessary actions to provide a safe environment for our customers, employees and animals. We have stringent protocols in place that are frequently reviewed and exceed the recommended guidelines. Giross Hydro Green Clean has years of experience maintaining animals in accordance with federal regulations, policies, and guidelines to meet the needs of our clients. Our company has trained, certified, and experienced professional personnel who provide a wide range of services that include management control of bird removal. We use humane and eco-friendly techniques to remove the most common birds that nest in homes or buildings like for example: sparrows, starlings, bluebirds, swallows, ravens, pigeons, crows, and etc. We prevent the birds from returning and causing damages to your roof, attics, soffits, eaves, walls, ceilings, porches, vents, ducts, chimneys, decks, and crawl space.

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Birds can act as vectors for spreading diseases such as psittacosis, salmonellosis,
campylobacteriosis, mycobacteriosis (avian tuberculosis), avian influenza (bird flu), giardiasis, & cryptosporidiosis over long distances. When birds accidentally get indoors, they will contaminate the inside of a residance with waste, urine and bird mites. At Giross Hydro Green Clean we have the expertise to prevent this issue. Birds will often infest homes or buildings for many years causing the building occupants to be exposed to major health and respiratory problems. We at Giross hydro Green Clean, advise you to never touch a dead animal directly with your bare hands. Our company uses innovative and the latest technology tools to remove dead birds. As certified professional team, we implement the necessary and appropriate procedures to prevent diseases.

We always provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Giross Hydro Green Clean offers bird removal service from the following areas:

  • Birds Nesting in Homes or Buildings
  • Birds Nesting Over 20′ 30′ 40′ and 50′ High
  • Birds Waste Clean-Up
  • Birds Digging Up the Garden
  • Birds Living in Porches / Backyards
  • Birds Living in the Crawls Space
  • Birds Living Under the Deck
  • Birds Stuck in Walls
  • Birds Stuck in Ceilings
  • Birds Stuck in Dryer Vent
  • Birds Stuck in Kitchen Hood Vent
  • Birds Stuck in Bathroom Vent / Fan
  • Birds Stuck in Chimney / Fireplace
  • Birds Nesting in Roof Vent
  • Birds Nesting in Attics
  • Birds Nesting in Window Shutters
  • Birds Nesting in Sunsetter Motorized
  • Birds Nesting in Sofftis
  • Birds Nesting in Eaves
  • Birds Nesting in Gutters
  • Birds Nesting in Furnace Flue Liner
  • Birds Acting Aggressive
  • Birds Entering Through House Door
  • Birds Presence Alarming Dogs/Pets
  • Dead Birds in Attics, Soffits, Eaves, Walls, Ceilings, Vents, Ducts, Chimneys, Deck, Porches, Gutters or Crawl Space.

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In order to prevent the spread of any disease from birds, Giross Hydro Green Clean recommends to sanitize any infected potential areas or surfaces where the birds had nested. We provide effective eco-friendly disinfectant products to ensure a healthy and safe environment for you and your family.

It is highly important to have your home’s vents protected with bird cages or screen guards, in case the birds persist in returning to get into the vents. Giross Hydro Green Clean has the training and expertise to install exterior guards on your vents that will keep these pests out. Our guards can be installed quickly and easily over any dryer, kitchen or bathroom exhaust vent.

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