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At Giross Chimney & Duct Services we clean, inspect and repair chimneys, fireplaces and stoves around the metropolitan area of Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia residents at great rates. Chimneys are structures which provide ventilation for hot flue gases or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace to the outside. When you own a Chimney you need to ensure you don’t have any loose bricks, loose mortar or creosote built-up accumulation.  All types of creosote are highly flammable and could start a potential chimney fire; to prevent this issue is require to sweeping and inspecting your chimney once a year according with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

For every inspection or cleaning of your chimney, our trained, certified and above all experts technicians will offer you a high quality service. At Giross Chimney & Duct Services we use high-quality equipment and the latest technology tools to provide you with an efficient service, guaranteeing your satisfaction 100%.

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Chimney Cleaning Process

As a professional and fully certified company we do a complete pre-inspection inside & outside

  • First, we lay a tarp on the floor near the fireplace, to avoid any carpet stains.
  • Next, we set up high-power HEPA vacuum to collect dust, soot, ash, creosote and debris.
  • Then, we open any windows nearby to get plenty of ventilation once the process is completed.
  • After that, we open the damper and brush the flue of the chimney from the bottom up until the brush gets to the top.
  • We also do chimney power sweeping when is necessary. This power sweeping can be conducted for an additional fee.
  • Once completed we start cleaning out your fireplace.
  • First, we brush the smoke chamber properly to avoid creosote accumulation.
  • Next, we sweep and vacuum the smoke shelf behind the damper.
  • Then, we use wire brush to reduce corrosion in metal, soot and dust accumulation on damper and fire box.
  • After that, we clean the spark screen, doors and high temperature glass.
  • Finally, we inspect all parts of the chimney, fireplace and stove, such as mantel, facing, cap, crown, brick, mortar joints, flashing, flue liner, moisture resistance, smoke chamber, lintel, damper, firebrick, ash pit cover, clean out doors, spark screen and hearth protection for safety and preservation.

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