Chimney Repair Services

Chimney Repair Services

Chimney repairs are usually discovered as part of our annual cleaning and inspection service, but can be required at any time as a result of weather damage, water penetration, flue obstructions, or creosote build up. If you have recently experienced a chimney fire or noticed that your chimney is not venting properly, you likely need to have your chimney or fireplace serviced. Giross Chimney & Duct Services provides safe, long-lasting chimney and fireplace repairs to Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC residents at great rates. Our team of chimney and fireplace experts will use their years of expertise, high quality workmanship, and durable materials and parts to restore your chimney and fireplace back to its ideal operating condition.

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Chimney Cap Installation Service

Without a cover, a chimney is open to rain and various other damage-causing foreign entities such as birds, animals and debris. A chimney cover’s ability to prevent direct water damage from rain and blockage caused by animals makes it an effective form of safety. Another type of cover is the chimney damper cap which serves several purposes within a chimney; the most important one being energy conservation. The damper cap makes a tight seal in the closed position keeping in heat and air conditioning. Dampers can also help keep animals, bird and debris from getting into your home through the chimney flue.

Chimney Lining Service

A chimney liner separates the fumes in the flue from the walls of the chimney. The purpose of a chimney liner is to insulate the chimney so that the aging and deterioration of the mortar does not increase due to irreparable accumulation of damaging creosote and soot. Chimney re-lining is generally needed when a masonry chimney has been damaged, unsafe or unrepairable or the appliance being connected to the chimney requires a liner. The advantages of a stainless chimney liner are improved draft by sizing the liner to the appliance, hotter core temperatures, improved safety, easier cleaning and longevity. There are varying shapes, lengths, diameters, alloys and gauges or thickness available and the best options for your chimney will be provided.

Chase Cover Installation Service

A chimney chase cover is a cap that seals off the top of a chimney chase. It is a piece of metal that seals off the top of the chimney in order to prevent moisture from seeping in. If you’re noticing a leak or rust stains down the side of your chimney, it is time to replace the rusted cover with a stainless steel cover. Stainless steel covers will never rust, so this will be a one-time fix. The chase cover is designed to fit around the entire top of your chimney and must be custom ordered to fit perfectly.


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Wood Burning Stove Repair Service

Wood burning stoves can be beautiful and provide unparalleled warmth, but if it is not maintained on a regular basis, it can quickly become a health hazard. You need to have your stove inspected frequently to check for creosote buildup, faulty vent pipes, malfunctioning dampers and much more. Make sure you have this done before winter so you can be assured you will be able to use your stove without having to worry about a fire.

Chimney Crown Repair Service

The chimney crown is cement edging on top of the chimney. The bricks ascend around the clay tile flue liner, but at the top the chimney needs extra protection to stop the rain and snow from just falling in around the tiles. Cracks and gaps in the chimney crown can occur from shifting of the structure or from shrinkage dating back to the first day the cement crown was put on. When your crown cracks, water enters those spaces and can lead to corrosion and eventually flue deterioration. It is important to seal these cracks right away to prevent further damage to the chimney top and costly repairs.

Chimney Repointing Service

When your chimney has visible cracks in the bricks or mortar water, has direct entry to cause crumbling and flaking. Exposure to freeze-thaw weather patterns often cause cracks and crumbling on a chimney, and may turn small cracks into large problems. The damage can spread quickly causing a need for a rebuild. It is imperative to have the chimney repointed and waterproofed. New mortar is applied to the areas surrounding the brick. The mortar joints stabilize the chimney and prevent water and debris from entering the inner recesses of the chimney.

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Chimney Flue Restoration Service

It is important to keep your chimney, stove or furnace flue in good condition to ensure a safe home. Restoration can differ depending on the condition of the flue. We use only the best tools to remove dangerous creosote, glaze creosote and soot; inflammable accumulating substances in the flue. If the flue is not repaired or restored correctly, you are risking exposure to carbon monoxide and further damage to your chimney. Our products do not damage or soil your home and are environmentally safe.

PCR the revolutionary product designed to completely remove 3rd degree glazed creosote.

Masonry Chimney Repair Service

Bricks and mortar both pass water, and can cause the same problem chimney crowns have – freezing and thawing all winter long with the resulting damage causing leaks in your which can lead to thousands of dollars in damage each year. Regular maintenance on your masonry chimney will keep it looking great for years.  We recommend performing a Masonry Absorption Test (MAT) which will tell us how much water your chimney is absorbing and where the leak is after checking the cap, crown, flashing, cap or brick have cracks or gaps. The test will show if the chimney has proper waterproofing. If it doesn’t we will advise you on the right course of action to prevent water damage such as applying a waterproof sealant. We realize that not every chimney issue is so simple to describe. Therefore, Giross Chimney & Duct Services employ professional masons to handle any type of large chimney problem.

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