HVAC Ultraviolet (UV) Light Installation

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According to the EPA indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outdoor and represents a significant health risk. Ultraviolet (UV) Light improves indoor air quality by sterilizing mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air as it cycles through the central air system.

UV Light Features:

  • UV filters destroy 99% of Bacteria, Viruses, Mold (airborne)
  • UV filters destroy 85% of Gases and odors
  • Used by Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Countless commercial buildings and YES homes
  • Entirely safe to use when properly installed into your hvac system
  • All of our Ultraviolet (UV) light installations are OZONE free
  • 1 year bulb warranty
  • 5 years ballast warranty
  • Kits available with single and dual bulb for increased coverage
  • Can keep evaporator coils cleaner, longer lasting and less prone to failure.

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The average bacterium will be killed in ten seconds at a distance of six inches from the lamp in an American Ultraviolet Germicidal Fixture. It depends on your particular need. Most of the time you do not need ozone, unless there are shaded areas that the UVC light cannot reach.

How often should you change UV light bulbs?

The lamp should be replaced, as a rule, once every year. Should I change the germicidal ultraviolet lamp after one year or when it stops lighting? Even though the UV lamp may produce visible light past the 10,000 hours, the ultraviolet output decreases over time. We recommend that you change the lamp every 12 months.

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Prevent Mold And Microbes

Posted by GiRoss Chimney, Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services on Tuesday, September 11, 2018